Bonstone’s repertoire is inspired by real life, love & zombies. The album, titled "Zombie Heart", represents what happens when ya get your heart broken and then you come outta that and find new love; or when times are tough but you have a little glimmer of hope that it will get better. And then it does get better.
Vampire, Heavy Metal Singer, Ruler of all humanity (soon). And don't forget his penchant for nachos! He was born as a human in Finland in the 16th century, reborn as the undead in his 27th year of life. He's roamed the Earth and taken many forms. In the 21st century he is soon to be well known as heavy metal singer and leader of his band. Soon after that, ruler of Earth.
Ear bleeding, guitar and drum solo’ing, platform wearing, hard rockers who never left the 70’s, The B-Side 70’s play the “TRUE” fan favorites! Not the songs that were tame enough to put on the radio, but the ones that when you flipped that Vinyl over to the B side, worked you into a 12 minute frenzy of musical exctasy! Arena Rock is back, resurrected by “The B-Side 70’s”

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